Tuition is calculated by the number of hours you take a week. Tuition is per month for 10 months, September-June and due on the 1st of each month with a late fee assessed on the 10th. We have 2 tuition options, pay by hour or all inclusive pricing. You choose what works best for your family.

All inclusive pricing includes recital costumes, show tickets, merchandise discounts and more.

By Hour Pricing

30 minute
45 minute
60 minute
75 minute
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
5 hours
6 hours
7 hours
Each Additional Hours over 7
Costume Fee- June Recital
Due By February 1st

All Inclusive Pricing Package

2 hours weekly…… Includes: 2 recital costumes
3 hours weekly……. Includes: 3 recital costumes
4 hours weekly………. Includes 4 recital costumes
5 hours weekly… Includes 4 recital costumes, 2 recital tickets
6 hours weekly…… Includes 4 recital costumes, 4 tickets to Winter Cabaret, 4 Tickets to June Recital, 10% off merch
7 hours weekly...... Includes: Includes 4 recital costumes, 4 show tickets to June recital, 4 winter cabaret tickets 25% off all merch & a designated locker
Each hour over 7

Annual Registration Fee

$30 per family covers processing the registration and time required to set up your student in the attendance and tuition billing system. It also covers your dancer’s insurance, music license fees, and studio communication costs. These are separate expenses from class tuition.


We offer discounts for siblings as well as free classes for unhoused or foster kiddos. If you have a financial need please reach out so we can discuss options.